My Excellent Mother's Day Buffet Breakfast

The initial plan was always to do a Mother's Day "Intercontinental Buffet Breakfast" (so the previous week's luncheon did not count hahaha), and the day was to start of with brekkie (done by myself, served to 3 pax, including my sis and myself), whereby I'd clean-up afters (when they are at church), and I'd have met them afters, to bring mum to a art show. With the day's journey planned out, I'd need to plan out the MEAL itself!

A simple spread, built around mum's missing hotel-stay breakfasts in her overseas trips, of the "intercontinental" variety ... and of her memory of using the butter slabs was the starting focal point, actually.

Everything started with a sketch (I'd personally rather do "sketches" than a "shopping list", as I'd always bee a vial person, I guess :p), with every other ingredient purchased at the neighborhood supermarket (in this case, the newly opened "Giant" at Loyang Point), costing less than SG$50 (excluding the table cloth).

We didn't manage to finish ALL the food, which was spread out throughout the week :)

Cold Platter consisted of Chicken Turkey Ham, Honey Baked Ham, and Salmon slices with Five Spices (store-bought but quite salty and intense tho ... could be more ideal to go with thinly sliced pieces instead (leftovers made for yummy sammiches the next day tho :p).

The intention was to make scrambled eggs, but ended up with eggs with melted parmesan cheese - not too strong flavors but with a touch of Garlic Salt for taste.

The Cheese Ham Sausage was microwaved defrosted, marinated lightly with olive oil and black pepper sprinkles.

I had wanted to do a "Fruits Platter" but somehow seem very lunch-y or dinner-y, so a bowl of strawberries would seem a more whimsical notion, methinks :)

Bought a trio of packet fruit juice - for choices of flavour, so do not need entire cartons - which may be cheaper in the long-run, of course, but take up space in the fridge, yeh? LOL

Found and cleaned up some pickle jars to use as drink vessels - the design plan was to go "rustic", with even the old wooden chopping block to use as base for the bread buns! But the board was hella old and filthy tho, so.... lol ... also, the plan was to use zero cost in plating and cutlery :p

I'd like to think the breakfast was a success, and Mum enjoyed herself ... unabashedly "Excellent" if I do say so myself ~ MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA :)



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