Kuriya Japanese Market in Tampines 1

"Kuriya Japanese Market" at the basement 1 level of Tampines 1 had reminded me of "Mache", with individual stalls apart of a "larger" market-place for all Japanese cuisine, featuring the usual suspects of Yakitoi (did not try any), Ramen (the dish we chose was salty and unsatisfying), Tempura (biggest regret, as they'd be pre-fried and tasted somewhat numby, but its my fault for choosing them in the first place), and sushi - which were pre-made and pre-packed into bentos, for easier takeaways, but you can choose to eat-in as well.

Sushi is to be paid at the "central" cashier, while others are paid at their own stalls.

Overall a serviceable meal, with utilitarian tastes we have come to recognise from hawker centers and fast food establishments. Thumbs up for the sushi tho, but I'd not venture into the restaurant again, unless it is with a group of friends, where we can make a reasonable din amidst a lightly darkened atmosphere, high on sake perhaps (which I think was also on sale :p).

“Raw fish”, you say...? #henglifesg

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Over here is where you queue up for yakitori....

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Over here is where you wash your hands...

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