Birthday Dinner at Yoogane @ Tampines Mall

Situated at the ground level of Tampines Mall, right next to McDonalds, is "Yoogane", which we visited for a dinner celebrating my sister's birthday.

A central heating area held the wok/whatever, which was brought in and unto the flames, so the service folks could help "cook/sitr-fry" the ingredients within, which consisted of your regular seafood variety, and rice cakes!

what was the speciality of this restaurant was the thickened sauced (with cheese) used to stir-fry the yummies within the wok, which tasted really yummy in the beginning, then turned somewhat "jerlat" at the end.

We did not try the additional noodles (which you will see folks trying out in Instagram images :p), as we felt pretty full, and somewhat tipsy after taking their rice wine (my first, and most probably my last lol).

First time (I think) I was tasting Korean Sticky Chicken Wings, and I felt as if I was encouraging my diabetes with every savoury bite, so that's about all the fun I can take LOL

Alas we couldn't keep the fabric bib that was provided, though I was happy to get rid of the plastic gloves (provided too).

Birthday dinner at #Yoogane #yooganesg #henglifesg #eatlife

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#ohmnomnom #eatlife #henglifesg #yoogane #yooganesg

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