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THIS IS REAL LOVE!!!! Chocolate lovers' real dream <3

Posted by SITI Cable on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So me and "Diabetes" has since become inseperable when I fell for her whims some semi-odd five years ago, when I fell victim to Stroke, to find out she was one of the four factors which led to me situation then (the other three were; "Hih Bloof, "Hyoer-Tension" and "High-Cholestrol"), and has since strived to abstain from what was my former weakeness: "SWEETS". I can no longer remember if they tired with "Chocolate", or if chocolate was a contender, but regardless I ended up missing chocolate MORE.

ANd while I may sound sexist by identifying the major malady Diabetes as a "she", it stands to reason we love whatever we can not have, so "Chocolate" is also a "her" to me now, she sure is tempting my tastebuds often!

I miss you, "Chocolate"...

Sauce: www.sheknows.com


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