You will NEVER go wrong with "luncheon meat"

One never goes wrong with #luncheonmeat #eatlife #henglife #sorrynothalal

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You will NEVER go wrong with "luncheon meat". Bought this swish tub of "Danish" pork luncheon meat to use for my Excellent Mother's Day Buffet Breakfast, when I realized it was too much meat, so keep it knowing full well I would be devouring it in time!

Kept in a re-closable tub (very handy, thisfeature), I'd use a big spoon to scoop/scrape out pieces to lay on the bread, for a simple straightup buttered and ketchup'ed bite! Tastes more yummy with Japanese egg mayo tho, as far as I am concerned, and that's all there is you need to know, to make and eat! OMG I could eat this all day! LOL


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