#Eaten: Ban Heng @ Downtown East

Mother's Day celebratory luncheon at Ban Heng at Downtown East branch, was predominantly a lackluster affair. Our party of five turned up Monday afternoon without reservation, and picked the SG$19.80+ (for 2 pax) and SG$xxx (for 3 pax) because we'd wanted to mix-n-match the dishes (some similar dishes too though).

Mother's Day yumz #hengfam #henglife #eatlife

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("Mother's Day Buns" = good heavens…)

The food was plausible with decent eats, but nothing at all to rave over about, and the selection ultimately uninspiring. But "pictures" came with the menu, so I cannot deny our choices going in. What got my attention, was the "spicy abalone" dish - which left me wondering; "Why would anyone do a spicy abalone dish? Unless there was a question of freshness?" - But that is purely speculatory, as I would not have been able to taste the difference, because "spicy" LOL


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Of the two fish dishes that were served (both from the different menu sets but with similar dish) tasted a tad fishy and old, alas. The other one tasted fresh and yummy though...

The only "comfort" the entire meal afforded, was the Salted Egg Custard bun. It does one no favors if the "bun" is the highlight, and you are not a "dim sum"-joint, IMHO :p

Salted Egg custard bun FTW #eatlife

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We decided on the restaurant because we had a decent dining experience last year (or was it the year before?), another celebratory makan session … highly doubtful we'll be back though … but we'll not necessarily be avoiding it.

The ambience was decent and clean. The service / wait staff was pretty friendly and personable to a point, well at least the younger guys were :)



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