Typical (Chinese) Singaporean Breakfast Set

A “typical” Chinese Singaporean Breakfast found at (most) coffee shop / kopi tiam / food court establishments include (A) Coffee or Tea, (B) Two Soft Boiled Eggs - eaten with white pepper and dark soya sauce, and (C) Bread with Kaya & Butter - what we call “Kaya loti” (AKA “toasted bread slice with kaya sauce”, “loti/roti” is Malay / Indian translation of “bread”).

In the case of “Koufu”, there are 3 x choices of bread: Regular sliced white bread, soft(er) bun, and this french loaf-styled bread with a tougher bite, which tastes a real humdinger with kaya spread, and slices of butter FTW!

The entire spread will set you back SG$2.90. Prices might differ from locale to locale, and the quality of coffee/tea tastes might differ too.

The “rainbow cake” slice was an addition, as I’d wanted to take a pic with my FriendsWithYou collectible (really-really!) and it costs a whopping SG$2.40 OMG :p ... First time trying this "heartland version" of the "hipster cake" found in upscaled cafes, and tastes not as sweet, perhaps suitable for palettes of old folks (without the dread of diabetes), perhaps? Truth be told I've never tasted said hipster-cake, so I'd really not know the difference LOL

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Typical Singapore Chinese breakfast with #FriendsWithYou #eatlife #toylife #henglifesg

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