Claypot Adventures in J.B.

WHAT-IS: "Had a quick getaway to Johor Bahru on June 19-20 and managed to eat at a few spots, some not worth shouting about, and some, well, are worth a mention … THIS is one such spot :)"

My mate Ian had popped by and brought us out for a walk around the hotel perimeter in search of grub (We were saying at KSL City Mall & Hotel), where the individual food spots laid in two-storey houses - i.e.: Non-touristy spots), a literal stone’s throw away. But no, these shops are aware of Singapore travellers and revellers, for which I have no doubt KSL is a “Mini Singapore” LOL

The claypot spot was predominantly a Chinese establishment (never did take pictures of the entrance tho) and was run as such.

The ordering was done absolutely fast-n-furious, with the server/waitress assuming the role of pushy-saleswoman, gunning for approval of recommended dishes, names and ingredients of which were spat out machine-gun blasts, with “the aim” of submitting the order ticket “fast” to the kitchen, so they can produce the food fast - with resulted in a mixed bag of YUMMY and DAFUQ and a little bit in between.

And NO, the food did not come “fast” at all. In fact, it felt as if they had to go slaughter the chicken, de-feather it, marinated it, then clay potted it - F.F.S.!

Claypot Adventures JB Day 1 #henglifejb

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We had a claypot chicken rice - which fed 4 persons decently (we still needed two additional bowls of plain rice), a pot of vinegar pork knuckles (which tasted more SWEET than vinegar-ish, unfortunately), a pork-tofu (which was delightful), old winter melon soup (utilitarian and unnecessary), and a utterly dismal plate of “lettuce” (as mum was coughing, we avoided the spicy kang-kongs etc) which I have since chosen to ignore in this post.

All-in-all it turned into a decent spot where we ate, chatted, listened to Ian’s potianak stories, and downed canned drinks, without the dread of needing to give our seats up to folks breathing down our backs!

You know when folks joke about Singaporeans using tissue paper packets "hoping" seats? Imagine SGers standing next to where you are seating,m and starring down you eating, waiting for you to finish LOL

Not wholly great food. Great company. So it all worked out decent, IMHO.

Damage was about 55 ringgit for 4 pax.


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