Zhou's Kitchen @ Novena Square 2

Excellent food needs to be lauded. Good food needs to be shared. Awful food will never be mentioned. Zhou's Kitchen at Novena Square2 teetered on the edge of the middle, swaying towards the "good", IMHO. We popped by on a fine mid-November Sunday to celebrate my sister's birthday with a High Tea Buffet.

Zhou's Kitchen Weekend HighTea Buffet ~ with orders based on buffet-ala carte menu.
Pretty darn decent selection, if not distinctive of any particular province nor taste ~ a hosh-posh of taste sensations, which is not necessarily a bad thing, dependent on what it is you're looking for.

Menu consists of:
Hot & Cold Appetizers (x 7)
All Time Favourites (x 5)
Dian Xin (x 11)
Soup (x 2)
Rice and Noodles (x 4)
Desserts (x 4)

Price for weekend HighTea was SGD$16.80++ (which worked out to around SGD$20, plus tea etc ~ and they do not shove disposable wet-towels on you too lol)

Bottom-left: Sliced Boiled Pork with Tasty Garlic Sauce ~ was indeed super-yummy. Not too chewy meat-texture, with a strong-ish garlic flavor, but quite a taste sensation, IMHO. We ordered doubles :p ~ CAN EAT.

Far-Right: Egg Plant with Minced Fried Garlic and Pork Floss ~ easily the best of the afternoon's selection we had. Yummy deep-fried batter crispy to a fault, with a tinge of oiliness (fine by me tho *pats-man-belly*). The pork floss was a tad redundant but a nice touch nevertheless. Egg plant never tasted so good lol ~ MUST EAT.

Far-Left: Bone-remnants (in case y'all wuz wonderin' innit? hurhur)
Center: Utilitarian Deep Fried Prawn ~ a tad thick and hardy-batter, but the prawn within was fresh, and that's always a good thing ~ heh. CAN DON'T EAT.

Mini Egg Tarts ~ ye gawds but do i heart egg tarts! the pastry puff was not too sweet tho a tad bland. the filling instead tasted quite "artificial", or maybe i expected it to be sweeter (as my rotting teeth for a second opinion maybe hurhur). CAN EAT.

Back-Left: Hello again Sliced Boiled Pork with Tasty Garlic Sauc" ~ gots me sum nom-nom lub for you too :) ~ MUST EAT.

Foreground-Right: Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling ~ utilitarian, i'm afraid. nothing to shout to the dian-xin-hills about. CAN DON'T EAT.

Fried Rice with Diced Seafood in Spicy ~ Please. Do. Not. Bother. CANNOT EAT!

Chilled Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo ~ didn't taste any pomelo, although there were sprinkles of sago, which was quite mushy rather than chewy. The mango taste was strong, and slightly on the sweet side without being over-bearing. i really wanted to like this a lot, but was a tad disappointed. CAN DON'T EAT.

Foreground-Bottom-Right: Sesame Cream ~ the story of this bowl will continue later ...

Left: Chilled Herbal Jelly (aka Gui1 Ling2 Gao1) ~ didn't taste it ~ the expression on my sister's face said it all hurhur

Center/Back: a pretty bowl of Chilled Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo ~ but prettiness ain't everything, innit? tis what tastes within that matters, IMHO.

Right: Rice Dumplings with Sesame Filling (aka Arh4 Bor2 Leng3) ~ was surprisingly yummilicious! not the "regular" hardened dough within type-dian xin, but a literal soft arh-bor-leng rolled on the outside with crushed peanuts = *I Like*

The peanuts were not very finely crushed tho ~ which made for an interesting bite and texture, while the warm sesame filling within provided quite a comforting bite and after-taste. noice. CAN EAT.

Ah yes, the "Sesame Cream" had spilled unto the table due to my carelessness of trying to snap pics and toppling over the spoon and bowl, and yes, of course i had to snap a pic hurhur (was a bitch to clean up tho ~ yes, i didn't wait for the staff to do it, not very nice to leave a mess for others to clean up afters, innit? :p)

The taste, tho smooth, was a disappointment, which smacked of artificial powder-made with a slight uneasy after-taste ... or maybe t'was due to my lil accident that tainted my taste-buds? heh. CAN DON'T EAT.

WHERE: Zhou's Kitchen (Square 2) 周庄
10 Sinaran Drive
#01-73 Novena Square 2

AMBIENCE: Good for larger groupings (4 pax and more?). Dim spot-lighting may perhaps allow a semblance of atmos for couples, but don't bank on that as the din of the crowds within the confined space makes it hard for tete-a-tetes. But if it's just food and company of friends, tis decent eats, though not mind-blowing.

SERVICE: Decent-to-Good. Plates were cleared pretty fast. Friendliness was actually quite contagious.



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