Pu Tien Restaurant @ Tampines Mall

On my birthday one fine September, the family descended upon Pu Tien Restaurant in Tampines Mall. We had earlier partaketh of their High Tea Buffet and was suitably impressed with their selection, which delighted our collective tastebuds. This time round, we decided to go for their ala carte menu, seeing that tis dinner time, and we had wanted to try other dishes not kept heated within buffet-trays :)

Deep Fried Pig's Trotters (from their ala carte menu). Serious piece'a grub! And nigh delish! srsly. a cholestral-hater's nightmare. We were each given a plastic glove ~ specifically to use for eating the oily-monstrosity. First time I'm wearing a glove to eat! Well, there's always a first, no matter how old one gets, innit? heh.

O.M.G. ~ the oily fats of the pig trotter was a heavenly match with the crispy deep fried pig's skin. Best taste I've had in a long time ~ I sure ain't gonna be loosing any weight anytime soon! MUST EAT! ... Be kind to me, thy high blood and thy cholestral! ... *burp*

Braised Pig's Intestines. Yummier than it looks-ish. With chilli? woah. A slight aromatic taste heightened with the chilli (which had a tinge of sourness, for a heft punch). CAN EAT.

Forgot what this deep fried chicken was, but t'was hella good! Yes, basically about near everything was deep fried (hey, i need my essential oils and carbo). What is not in these pics was the Deep Fried Century Egg. Made me man-tear a tad, like srsly no joke stamp chop guaranteed shioks. CAN EAT.

The Pumpkin Cream with Ice Cream dessert was such a truly splendid after-meal inclusion Not too uber-sweet, but pleasant on the taste buds (especially after all the fried grub). Light with a tinge of pumpkin, with texture crunches in the form of gentle sunflower seed sprinkles. I didn't go for the mint leave tho ... CAN EAT.

WHERE: Pu Tien Restaurant 莆田菜馆
4 Tampines Central 5
Tampines Mall.

AMBIENCE: Decent and clean, though a tad rowdy (as all confined spaces holding families with kids in tow, both young'uns and kidults). Good eats, but do not expect to have a romantic dinner-for-two ... well, you can try?

SERVICE: Pretty exceptional, I must say. Friendly helpful staff (although sometimes getting a plate of chilli might take some time).



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