Breakfast Buffet at the Oriental Restaurant in Nagoya Hill Hotel, Batam, Indonesia


The Breakfast Buffet at Nagoya Hill Hotel (which came as part of the room package) was a very decent affair. Featuring a mixture of Intercontinental cuisine, mixed in with local eats, even my Mum (who adores hotel breakfast buffets) confidently stated (twice) THIS was her favourites eating experiences thus far!

Located on Level 3, the buffet was held in the “Oriental Restaurant”.

The bread and spread component was utilitarian, as was the cold salad bar. The “hot grill” component of the breakfast failed in that they did omelettes even before being ordered, and laid the plates out to be picked up - which I foolishly did. Cold to the taste, although I would imagine it tasting fine, warm and fluffy…


A utter FAIL was this tanghoon-and-dumpling-mix served on a small dish, which had them melded together after exposure to too much warmth (perhaps) in the steamed buffet tray - that maybe I could’ve attempted to save the taste of with some condiments like pickled ginger in vinegar or sumsuch stronger taste hahahaha

But to be fair, we had our brekkie slightly "later" than the usual tour guided-fare, at around 9am :)

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But the “successes” outweighed the “misses” in this buffet, thankfully.

My favourite had to be the Lontong Sayur - with fresh(ish) simple but ingredients, which also featured yummy coconut shreds and slightly sweet-tasting chilli, bolstered by moist rice cakes / ketupat, made for an exceptional taste combo!

I was eager to try the Laksa too, but by sister did not have a good taste reaction to it, so I left that dish off my “To-Eat” List.

And for a buffet, I’d want to try everything - in small morsels for taste, so I can return for seconds/thirds - which I only did with the kuey-kueys, surprisingly!

#nagoyahillshotel breakfast buffet is pretty #WIN #eatlife #henglife #hengbatamlife

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The Indo kuey-kuey was an exceptional sublime series of taste sensations for me … Funnily, I might not give them much attention as they are pretty common place back here in Singapore, but the difference here being they are not as sweet tasting - perfect for a diabetes victim/patient such as myself!

I was proud of myself for complimenting the chef to the service as I left the restaurant haha

Even the indo dishes that went with the goreng rice, were tasty without being too overt with their spices. The fried chicken, and especially the fish, would’ve made a splendid lunch too haha


Mum felt that the coffee was too strong, while I felt it tasted watered down. And while soya bean, milk, water and juices were available on-tap, coffee and tea was served by the staff walking around.

The service was great, with friendly faces - looking genuine, unlike the faux-smiles seen at some other establishments (don’t judge them becoz maybe they’ve received bad customers to knock them down? *shrug*), and attention paid pretty much on-point.

The crowd was decently sized and not too huge, so “used” plates for food were regularly removed, so eating in on a Tuesday morning dos have it’s perks :)

All-in-all a fab experience had at Nagoya Hill Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet, and especially celebrating my birthday too!

But then again, maybe salads and curries do not mix well, as I ascended the porcelain throne shortly afters, back in my hotel bedroom hahahahaha

Cheers and Happy (but Careful) Eating!



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