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This Week's Eats

The irony of it all, is that I continue to narcissistically snap pictures of food I consume, but posting/updating this particular blog, has continued to elude me ... like eating eating a hotdog with mustard - sure, ketchup alone os enough, but mustard gives it that kick, that taste profile that makes chewing even more enticing ... not that posting images of food is "enticing" in any regard, especially since MY FOOD are not exactly what you would call "traditionally" glamorous, but tasty they continue to be indeed, as "tasty" as a diabetic man with impending kidney issues draw call tasty! And not at all ironic is that people judge me on the food I take pictures of, which I suppose is "fair" in this media saturated world we all live in ... or I suppose I could NOT take pictures, and folks can choose to ignore this aspect of my life too, innit?

Regardless, "opinions" might be free, but the food is not. Here's to eating healthier!


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