Re-Fried Rice Blog Update Dec 20, 2015

Funny how life goes sometimes … one minute you started a food-blog, and the next thing you know, you've had a Stroke, with diabetes and high cholesterol being two of the four main causers of your malady, and you end up being half-paralysed (temporarily) and sat in a wheelchair, wondering what the heck can you actually eat!

Over 5 years later, you can now walk, blog with an eye-patch on (double vision courtesy of diabetes no less), and have daily insulin jabs (twice a day), so really, there's not much you can eat swell, ya know?

But whining aside, I've just got to watch my diet, and in the meanwhile, I still do EAT, you know? Henceforth contained in this album are snaps of food from my Instagram - some made by myself, some homemade by mum, and sometimes even grub from outside restaurants - all of whom are "humble food", no glamorized fancy-shcmancy foodie snaps here, alas!

Yes, it is all about me-Me-ME, and/but I am now sharing #myeatlife with YOU :)



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