Brownie & A Cuppa

...I have no idea how I got to this... #henglife

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I don't know how I got here, but I know it started off looking for a simple ice-cream cone at McDees, after a less than satisfying lunch at Food Junction on East Point Mall, after a medical appointment earlier (it was for my eye, seeing if diabetes has further screwed it up like it did for my Stroke in 2010 :p).

The brownie was decadent but not as rich as expected (was that milo made choco rather than pure chocolate?) ... will try something else instead of this again "next time" I wander in again ... and I asked for a LARGE cappuccino without realizing it was that huge a cup too! First time setting foot in a fancified McDonald's too :p

Now that is a huge ass cappuccino ... #henglife

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