Recent Self-Mades

Made myself fried eggs with cheese slices for Thursday breakfast, under the shadow of CNY happening this weekend... And I am reminded of the sheer feeling of "triumph", of being able to stand in front of the stove to cook anything, since Stroke ... That moment of being able to leave your wheelchair behind and stand steady on your own two feet, for a duration of time needed to fry an egg? Felt like such "freedom" and accomplishment hahaha ... The shadow of being in Stroke still hangs over me everyday since October 2010, for better or or worse, for good or bad, it was and still is a part of my life that I cannot move forward without it haunting/reminding my every waking moment. But I know it's my own life I have to deal with, not anybody else's to worry about. #henglife ... The butter tastes a bit burnt here tho... surviving Stroke doesn't mean it made me a better cook lor! hahahaha p #eatlife

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