Satay, Lamb Chops, Kerbabs and Cheese Fries: Delights On A Sunday Night

A late dinner (early by Sunday-standards tho) before a 9pm viewing of AVATAR led the Heng Family down to the food court beside eHub at Pasir Ris, with the aim to partaketh of satay and other Malay food-delights, and did we wolf them down! The thing about the Heng Family when we go out to eat, is that we have the tendency to share our food, most times with the desire to taste everything, and not just dedicate our time to just one single dish in front of us. Boon or bane, it matters not, for tis the taste and company that matters :)

The Satay we had was utilitarian, with decent chicken and tougher lamb. But tis all in the peanut sauce, as I sometimes insist (if the skewered meats be not the highlight) as little chilli-flacks peppered this styrofoam bowls, so did it titillate our collective tastebuds a tad, just a tad, mind. CAN EAT-ISH.

The Lamb Chop however was quite a different story, featuring a thick juicy-cut with loads of fat (*I Like*) if not a little too tough to the bite. The potato wedges were a mild revelation tho, if not on the salty-side, but yummy nevertheless. Liking the presentation (by hawker / food court standards) and loving the black-plating (I'm a simple man that way). CAN-EAT.

The Iskandar Kerbab (spl) was equally delectable, with fragrant BBQ-meats and yummy mayo (a sucker I am for any which way tis drizzled) perched on a triangle of (lukewarm) dough. Good for a snack, though not necessarily a meal. CAN-EAT.

The highlight of the night, for me personally, were the Cheese Fries, which featured crispy-crunch fluffy-fries, not too overly fried (makes a hella difference in the taste-experience, IMO) and generously drizzled over with a winning combo of cheddar cheese (nacho-chips-styled! well, tastes like it anyways) and mayo. A large enough portion decent for 4 persons, and frankly is one of the better cheese fries I've had in ages. Will def come back for seconds sometime soon ... but maybe not alone? Wanna join me? Heh. MUST EAT!

And while I succumbed to Coca-Cola (I'm a sucker for fizzy soda-pop lah), dad had a cuppa tea ... shown here in it's infinitely blurry-vision, was a triple-layered concoction for which we had spent an unrealistic amount of time debating what exactly was in the cup! But alas I did not sippeth, and thus will never know, and would probably not aim to find out. I like me teas straight-up simple, or tarik'd, thanks :)

Forgive me for I did not take particular note of the stalls' names, but the Fries, Chop and Kerbab can be found at the far end of the strip of all-Malay / Halal food-stalls. Decent meal for a Sunday night out, and that's always a good thing :)


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