Five Simple Steps To Enjoy An IceCream BreadFold

STEP ONE: Prepare Bread:

STEP TWO: Scoop:

STEP THREE: Spread or Stack Scoops:

STEP FOUR: Fold Bread in half:

STEP FIVE: Devour:

*Simple isn't it"*

Normally a plain fluffy slice of bread works better, with wholewheat there's a slight texture in the bite, which adds to the taste experience, but whatever tickles your palette. I've not tried toast, and I don't think you should either (nobody likes drips down their pants or on their toes, innit?). The ice-cream used here is a "Tripolitan" from Magnolia, featuring: Corn (Yellow), Yam (Purple) and Orange (Orange, duh) flavors. Not too rich, and slightly on the frivolous side (as pure ice-creams go), they do the trick at 2:30am when they sated thy munchy-desires. There is no need for any other additional enhancements, like syrup, cream or sprinkles. The Ice-Cream Fold works because it is simply, simple. And yes, of course I had seconds...

Eating Ice-Cream with Bread always sends me spiraling back to childhood, to an age of innocence when one couldn't always get a biscuit-cone with stacked ice-cream scoops (like the treats in town do), and bread was readily available at home, so thusly, all over Singapore kitchens, no doubt many a the folded-bread was used by young and old (well, at least in my household) ... even until today, along certain streets in Singapore, there will be an older gent on a motorbike with an ice-box secured to the back, peddling home-made ice-cream with cones, cups, waffered biscuits, and yes, folded bread. Although these days the bread-slices come multi-colored, which frankly tooks torrid (the old-skool dessert-prude that I may yet be).

I dubbed thee IceCream BreadFold purely because it seems to sound more "chic" than "Ice Cream In Folded Bread Slice In Half" ... but regardless of how it's called, it tastes just as cool and sweet, as the day I first had it melted and freezed my mouth from within ... and in an age of stress and grind, this is simple to make (hell, it's not even a "make", is it?), and may well be simply blissful.


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